How to Order

Ordering IT Equipment

The purpose of the supplier web portals is to share information with NUI Galway staff on the equipment models, specifications and pricing available through this contract. 


As the equipment being supplied under this contract has specified contract pricing it is not strictly necessary to get a quotation from the supplier: a Purchase Order can be directly raised with the supplier. When raising a purchase order directly with the supplier without initial quotation, be sure that the elements of your order are clear and that product names/part numbers and pricing match the contracted equipment details.

However, even where standard equipment is being purchased at the specified contract pricing, you may prefer to request a quote from the supplier in advance of raising a purchase order; indeed, this may be requirement within certain departments or for certain budgets. Check with the budget holder. If in doubt, you should ask the supplier to provide a quotation.

To get a quotation, utilise the supplier’s e-quotation facility where available, or request the quote from the supplier’s NUI Galway account manager – contact details are on the supplier’s NUI Galway-specific web-pages.

Staff Computer Scheme/Registrar’s Scheme

You may qualify to receive funding from the Staff Computer Scheme (new academic appointments) or under the Registrar’s Scheme for academic staff, which facilitates the replacement of your computer if more than five years old.   Please refer to the information provided by ISS on how to avail of this scheme on:                                   

Placing the Purchase Order

A purchase order must be issued to suppliers for all values of goods / services.  Purchase orders are created on Agresso and are issued in PDF format to the supplier. 

Delivery and Setup

1.Computer equipment purchased by Information Solutions and Services under the Staff Computer Scheme and computer equipment purchased by departments will be delivered directly to the user.

2.For Macintosh users, Screenway  will contact you prior to delivery of you new device.  Prior to delivery the supplier will install Office for Mac and other NUI Galway software for which there is a site licence available. On delivery of your new device please complete a Node Registration Form and submit it to ISS for processing.  When the form has been processed you will receive confirmation from ISS.

3.For newly purchased Dell PCs do not power on until you have been contacted by an ISS technician

4.Complete Node Registration Form

5.If you require a temporary folder on a central drive to transfer your data from your old device to new device please indicate on form.

6.ISS will advise you of the location / folder name for transfer of data

7.On receipt of the Node Registration Form a ticket will be logged for you in the Service Desk ticketing system

8.An ISS technician will contact you to schedule a day/time to remotely configure your new device to the Campus Network.  The remote configuration process will take approximately 30mins.

9.Prior to this appointment you will need to un-box and setup your new PC, ( do not power on your PC until instructed to do so by the ISS technician)

All information on how to purchase your equipment, the forms you require to arrange setup of new machines, and how to arrange the disposal of older models is available on the ISS website: